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Our corporate, commercial, dispute resolution and employment lawyers have extensive experience working with high profile oil and gas operators and contractors around the world.

Our leading experts provide invaluable legal assistance in global oil and gas operations

We understand that these are challenging times for the oil and gas industry. The Global Pandemic and historic oil prices have put pressure on the sector’s operating expenditure. Historically, the legal profession has added overinflated charges, unnecessary complexity and a lack of focus on commercial value into the mix.

Not so with Gilson Gray. We offer a full range of legal services for the oil and gas industry, with leading expertise in multiple fields of operations. Our legal team appreciate the challenges that you face and will give you the support you need for the success of your project.

Our team of highly experienced legal oil and gas specialists have decades of experience in drafting, negotiating and implementing the full suite of commercial agreements for upstream E&P companies, midstream and supply chain contracts. Our team of experts have worked both in private practice and as in-house Legal Manager/General Counsel for oil and gas companies. We also enjoy a strong international network of legal service providers and have in-house native Arabic speakers to assist with translation and support our legal specialists.

This is not a service we offer to consumers in England.

Our services include:

  • Across the board decommissioning expertise for operators and supply chain companies
  • Full suite of field operations agreements from joint bidding agreements to support through to decommissioning close out reports
  • Full suite of supply chain commercial contracts, including supply of goods, services and rental services
  • Dispute Resolution, including international arbitration expertise
  • Corporate / acquisitions and disposals
  • Employment law support

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