Who we are  
Group Services & Structure

We are a group of companies and limited liability partnerships. 

We provide services throughout the UK, but due to regulations certain services are only provided by certain members of our Group.


Gilson Gray LLP (Registered in Scotland with number SO304731), Gilson Gray Financial Limited (Registered in Scotland with number SC717112), Gilson Gray Property Services LLP (Registered in Scotland with number SO304732) and Gilson Gray (England) Limited (Registered in England with number 09356408).

Gilson Gray (England) Limited has its registered office at Olympic House, Ground Floor, Doddington Road, Lincoln, LN6 3SE.  All other members of the group have their registered office at 29 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2BW.


Gilson Gray LLP is a Scottish law firm, regulated by the Law Society of Scotland.  It offers a full range of legal services for clients throughout Scotland and corporate and commercial advice throughout the UK.  The firm has partners and solicitors who are qualified and registered to practice both in Scotland and England and Wales.  The Services provided in England and Wales are typically provided by English qualified solicitors, or by Scots qualified solicitors where the law is the same across the UK.

Gilson Gray (England) Limited is an English registered law firm, regulated by the SRA.  Under the Legal Services Act 2007, certain services provided in England can only be provided by an English registered law firm.  This includes certain conveyancing and Will/executry services, as well as litigation.  These restricted services are only offered by the Gilson Gray Group through Gilson Gray (England), which has its own team of solicitors and advisers to provide such services.

Gilson Gray LLP and Gilson Gray (England) Limited are two separate law firms.


Gilson Gray LLP is regulated by the Law Society of Scotland.

Gilson Gray (England) Limited is regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (“SRA”).  Its SRA number is 620418.

You will find more information about the Law Society of Scotland and the SRA by clicking their relevant logos below:



Gilson Gray LLP and Gilson Gray (England) Limited operate common privacy and complaints policies.  You can find them here:


Although Gilson Gray LLP and Gilson Gray (England) Limited are separate businesses, they both trade under the name “Gilson Gray”.

Gilson Gray (England) Limited also historically traded under the name “Home Property Lawyers”.

Gilson Gray Financial Services Limited also trades under the name “Gilson Gray Financial Management” and “GGFM”