Our fees

We charge for the time taken to provide you with advice. We will tell you in our letter of engagement whether this is a fixed fee or it is based on an hourly rate.

How we charge

The following information applies only to our Scottish work. For details of our English fees click here.

The amount we charge is the number of hours worked for you, multiplied by the hourly rate of the members of our team doing that work. Our hourly rate is divided into “units” of 6 minutes. There are 10 units in an hour (10 x 6 minutes = 60 minutes). It is important to note that when we do something for you that takes less than six minutes, then it is rounded up to the nearest unit.

Our hourly rates vary according to the seniority of the person working for you and the nature of the work done for you.

You should note: The smallest unit of time we record 6 minutes. Therefore, if you engage in a 2-minute conversation, that will be recorded as one unit. A call lasting 3, 4, 5 or exactly 6 minutes is still one unit and charge the same as a 2 minute call. If you spend 6-12 minutes on a call, then it counts as two units. So a seven minute call is twice the cost of a five minute call.


A 3 minute phone call = one unit = 10% of an hourly rate
A 33 minute meeting = six units = 60% of an hourly rate

We charge VAT

VAT is chargeable on all our services. Currently, the VAT rate is 20%. If you are a consumer (not VAT registered) then this will be an increase over our hourly rate that you cannot reclaim.

Hourly Rates

“We may agree different rates with you in a letter of engagement, or a fixed fee. It is not always possible to set or agree a fee. The actual fee charged will be based on the your specific circumstances. However, as a guide, our average hourly rates for consumer advice below.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE RATES APPLY TO CONSUMERS, WHO ARE individuals acting for purposes wholly or mainly outside their trade, business, craft or profession. These rates to not apply to our work for businesses or individuals in relation to their business.”

Rate (excluding VAT)Rate (including VAT)
Partner/ legal director:£295£354
Senior associate:£231£277.20
Senior solicitor:£216£247.20

Things we charge for

We charge for the time we spend on your advice. We try to break this down into certain categories, although there is sometimes crossover between one type of work and another. What is key is the time spent on your advice. We will record time working on any aspect of your advice, including:


Telephone calls

With you or with other parties, and whether making or receiving a call – this includes you checking on progress.


Letters or emails

Both writing and reading.



This refers to time spent considering specific legal issues that affect the work we do for you.



This is writing, or amending, legal documents (eg an employment contract, or an offer to buy a house, or a court writ).



This is the preparation of notes relating to your advice.



This is time in court or a tribunal.



This is time spent attending meetings.

Specific pricing

Below are more details of our most common consumer services:

Estate Agency

Residential Conveyancing

Family Law

Private Client


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