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Insolvency Law

Our team of accredited insolvency solicitors give our clients specialised insolvency advice that is quick, decisive and effective.

Insolvency solicitors Gilson Gray

Specialised, accredited solicitors to help guide you through insolvency

When dealing with insolvency, getting good advice as early as possible is crucial. Whether you need advice as a business, lender, creditor, director, or as an individual, our team of experts can help guide you through this complex process.

Our clients benefit from advice that is quick, decisive, and effective. Often taking action early can mean the difference between full debt recovery and waiting years for a penny in the pound distribution, finding yourself on the wrong side of the law, or even avoiding insolvency altogether.

Our highly-skilled team of accredited specialists work with insolvency practitioners across the UK to advise on Scottish matters, including CVAs, administrations, voluntary and court-based liquidations, trust deeds, and sequestrations.

When a formal insolvency process is needed, we ensure it is quick and effective. Our legal professionals advise on director disqualification proceedings, as well as company refinancing and restructurings, which could present a better alternative to insolvency. For individuals, we can help introduce you to the right insolvency practitioner, advise on the consequences of insolvency and defend petitions for sequestration.

We can help with formal insolvency law procedures including:

  • Company voluntary arrangement
  • Receivership
  • Administration
  • Liquidation

Insolvency advice that's decisive and effective

Let our team of insolvency lawyers help guide you.

Talk to our expert insolvency solicitors

Our team at Gilson Gray are accredited insolvency lawyers and are on hand to help.


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Steven Jansch

Partner, Head of Insolvency

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Craig Darling

Partner, Head of Business Restructuring and Recovery

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