Applications for our Traineeship programme will be opening soon!

The Gilson Gray journey

Since Gilson Gray launched nine years ago, we have been on quite the journey – becoming one of the most prominent law firms in Scotland and recently expanding into England, passing many key milestones along the way. This has been achieved by setting a clear vision and purpose to the firm. The firm has come a long way to date but the road that lies ahead for us is an exciting and prosperous one.

To continue our journey, we are on the search for future trainees that are looking for longevity. Gilson Gray provides a strong starting point where you will able to achieve your own aspirations, build a career, and stay with us throughout the course of it.

Gilson Gray applications for our Traineeship programme will be opening soon!

The traineeship Step by Step Guide:

The direction that Gilson Gray is heading is defined by our values – they are what shape our firm. It is important that our trainees are the right fit for us just as much as we are the right fit for them.

We want to help our future solicitors on their road to qualification and beyond, so it is important to us to find candidates who align with our own values, are authentically themselves, and can be positive ambassadors for Gilson Gray from the start.

There are seven key milestones on the route to traineeship with Gilson Gray.

Step 1 – Your application 

The first stop on the route to traineeship is submitting your application form.

Our traineeship selection process is unique – we want to get to know our candidates beyond their impressive set of academic results. In our application form, we ask you to submit a video telling us “Why did you choose a career in law and what areas are you most interested in?”  This is an opportunity for us to get to know you better.  As well as your answer, here is what we want to find out from you in your video:

  • What will make you a good fit to join as a trainee, a solicitor, and as a future partner?
  • What makes you stand out! Your personality and attitude are just as important as your technical competence.

Step 2 – Interview

If your application form is successful, you will be invited to participate in an interview.  This will either be in person or via zoom – depending on where you are based.  It will give you the chance to meet with members of our Trainee selection committee and some of our rising stars!

Step 3 – Internship

If your application is successful following your interview, you will be invited to join us in the office for a internship in 2024. This internship will give you the opportunity to gain experience working with different departments across the firm, gain insight into life as a Gilson Gray trainee, and be given the responsibility to directly work on matters with our clients.

At the end of your internship, you will then be asked to give a presentation that demonstrates your experience being a part of the Gilson Gray team. What have you learned about us, our values, and what unique opportunities can you identify in the Firm.  This presentation could lead to an offer to join our traineeship so it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase yourself and your experience at Gilson Gray.

Step 4 – Two-year traineeship

After you have completed your internship, we will make traineeship offers.  You will have already told us about which traineeship most interests you;

  1. A general traineeship: Our general traineeship involves a four-seat rotation across a range of legal departments. You will spend six months in each seat where you will gain insight and experience in these departments, with a view to considering your chosen specialism to qualify into.
  2. Residential Conveyancing traineeship: This traineeship offers a single seat in our Conveyancing department – giving you the opportunity to gain experience in this busy department and to gain in-depth specialist knowledge in this area of law.

Step 5 – Experience different seats

The traineeship at Gilson Gray is immersive.  You will be hands-on with our clients and working on real case matters from early on in your traineeship.  You will be working alongside partners and other team members to listen, learn, engage and give your views on legal issues.

You will have a full induction into the firm and the traineeship.  You will be given a Buddy who will have been a trainee previously and who can assist you in settling.

You will be invited to attend TCPD events, join our Young Professionals group, and join committees of interest such as Social and Wellness.  You will become a valued member of the firm and one who, when qualifying, will already be adding value to your chosen area of law.

Final Steps

Becoming a qualified solicitor might be your endgame.  But for us, that is the start of a long and successful career with us.  We recruit to retain – that is why our selection process looks at recruiting our future leaders, not just trainees.  You will be given support to continue to develop your career to where your aspirations and ability can take you.

Does the Gilson Gray traineeship sound like the right route for you? You can learn more about our award-winning firm and why we might be the right firm to take you on the journey of your career by visiting our About us page.

Keep an eye out on our social media channels for insights into life as a Gilson Gray trainee, as well as useful tips for your application.