The Gilson Gray traineeship application: my three-step guide

The Gilson Gray traineeship application: my three-step guide

Here is my three-step guide for applying to the Gilson Gray Traineeship:

Step One

Firstly, visit the Gilson Gray website and have a good look through all the various sections. This will give you a good idea of the services the firm provides, our values, and the people that work here. You will also find blogs from current trainees, which will give you an idea of what your traineeship may entail should you be a successful candidate.

Step Two

Next, I recommend visiting Gilson Gray’s social media pages. On our Instagram page, you will find a ‘highlight’ dedicated to the Gilson Gray Traineeship, which includes testimonials from past trainees and what we look for in future trainees. Our LinkedIn page will also give you insight into the firm’s social culture, including annual events organised internally. You will also find helpful recent news and updates.

Step Three

I would then suggest making a start on your online application. I would take as much time as possible on this; however, I would not recommend overthinking it. We pride our application process on being different from other traineeship applications you may have come across, as the firm is focused on finding candidates who let their personality shine through. Once completed, I recommend thoroughly reading your answers to ensure no spelling or grammatical errors. The last step is to hit ‘submit’ and keep a close eye on your inbox!

Apply now

For full details about our traineeship offer and to apply click here .

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