Field of Dreams or Nightmares? (Pt 2)

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Ok – so you’ve found your dream plot, the owner’s happy to take your money and you’ve checked the local Council’s planning website to see that your plot has planning permission for one house – but now the journey begins; will it be on a long and winding road or a yellow brick road?  That depends on the quality of the professionals and tradesmen you employ.  You should have the plot surveyed and valued and then ask your Solicitor to submit a formal offer to the owner’s Solicitors.  Offers for plots of land differ from offers for houses because you need to be sure that you can legally access the plot and use the services which have been laid to the plot or, if you’re going “off grid”, that you can erect a suitable wind generator and instal a septic tank or reed bed.

That constant refrain “taking back control” does apply here: if you share the access road to your plot with your neighbours you’ll find that maintenance of the road will be shared between you but the title deeds will not spell out how often and when the road has to be repaired – ideally you should own the access to your plot and your plot should be as close as possible to the nearest public road; sharing a septic tank with your neighbours may be convenient but like the access road may not be emptied or maintained as often as you want.

Buying a plot can be tricky, having a house built even more so; it’s vital that your Architect or Builder completes all the paperwork and that the Council certifies that the house is habitable before you move in.  A Latent Defects Policy should be obtained by your Architect to provide cover in case structural defects are discovered in the house during the first 10 years of its life.

Here at Gilson Gray we have the experience to guide you on your journey towards your dream home.

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