Property FAQ's - Selling Your First Home With Gilson Gray

Property FAQ's - Selling Your First Home With Gilson Gray

With so much content out there for first time buyers, we thought it worthwhile to focus on how to help first time sellers when it comes to moving house for the very first time.

We caught up with Deborah Bonner (Valuer and Estate Agent) and Jennifer Leslie (Associate and Conveyancer) in our Aberdeen office, to get their insight into the property journey for anyone that has never sold a home before.

What experience does Gilson Gray have buying and selling properties? 

Gilson Gray have dealt with tens of thousands of transactions over the years. Our teams are made up of Estate Agents, Valuers, Negotiators, Paralegals and Conveyancing Solicitors who are all dedicated and experienced, each boasting a forensic knowledge of the local market, which is of paramount importance. We prioritise communication with each other and our clients to ensure a comprehensive, slick and supportive service tailored to suit each clients’ needs.

What happens if my property doesn’t sell within the expected timeframe?

While there is no expiration as to how long a property can be listed for, we understand that sometimes there are pressures to sell in a specific timeframe, for example, if you have an onward purchase and need to get your current property under offer to secure your new home.

Spring is a great time to get your property on the market as it’s largely when most people are keen to buy and sell. The lighter evenings makes it better for viewers to get a good look at your home, school calendars aren’t usually too hectic so people have more time, and any Spring florals blooming in your garden or at the front of your home will make the curbside appeal of your property that little bit more impactful.

You should note that a Home Report is deemed to be out of date after 12 weeks. If you do not achieve a sale after 12 weeks, you will need to get your Home Report updated when you accept an offer which will incur an additional fee. Additionally, if your property does not sell and you decide you no longer wish to market the property, you can withdraw. You would need to cover the cost of any outlays that have been incurred, such as marketing costs, however you would not be charged a full fee.

What are the most common issues that arise during the buying and selling process? 

Mainly issues with lending. All banks and lenders have different criteria and timescales when it comes to mortgage applications and transfer of funds. This can prove frustrating at times for clients, but we work with some excellent Mortgage Advisors who can reassure and indeed assist with the navigation of any choppy waters.

How long does the process typically take for both the sale and purchase? 

From initially getting your property valuation to being live on the market, we aim for no more than ten working days. This includes your formal Home Report, photographs and videography being done as well as ordering signage.

Once your property has had an offer accepted, to keys being handed over to the new purchasers, this will typically range from 8-12 weeks. Every sale and purchase is different, so timescales will always depend on individual circumstances.

What happens if my sale or purchase falls through? 

It must be said ninety-nine percent of transactions successfully conclude without incident, but we all know life happens and on that rare occasion there is an unexpected curveball, we will be here to assist you with your options and steer you accordingly.

It is worth noting that transactions falling apart after missives have concluded, the point at which the contract becomes legally binding, is extremely unlikely. If your transaction falls through before missives are concluded there is no comeback against the party that is at fault for the transaction falling through. After missives have concluded if a party withdraws or delays settlement the party at fault would be in breach of contract and liable to the other party for financial losses.

Will I have one or multiple points of contact throughout my buying and selling journey? 

If you are dealing with our Aberdeen office, you will deal with Deborah in the first instance from initial contact right through to accepting an offer. Thereafter, Jennifer or a member of her team will be assigned to you to undertake and assist with the missives and conveyancing.

At the point of receiving the written offer, Deborah will copy you into a handover email so you will know, and indeed be able to contact, exactly which team member will have your file.

We also have an excellent support team who will be in touch with you from time to time during the transaction, requesting and submitting relevant information and forms on your behalf.

Can you walk me through the paperwork and documentation required, keeping it simple and straightforward? 

Of course! There is so much legal jargon when buying and selling, and we’re here to simplify and clarify so that you can be confident at every step of the journey. There are no silly questions – please never hesitate to ask if you are unsure.

What is involved in the marketing process? 

Marketing covers a wide range of things when selling your home. From getting your photographs taken, to writing up the perfect description of your home, to arranging for your listing to go live on the right property portals, i.e. ASPC.

Gilson Gray also have an internal marketing team that work diligently to promote your property across our social media channels and look for the right opportunities to get in front of potential purchasers.

There is so much to consider and we understand that it can feel overwhelming. Getting started is always the hardest part of anything, so if you want to set off on the right foot, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss booking in a free no obligation valuation of your home or find out more here.

For further information please contact;

Deborah Bonner


Jennifer Leslie


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