Renting Out Your Primary Residence When Abroad

Renting Out Your Primary Residence When Abroad

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A recent trend in the real estate market has seen an increase in the number of individuals seeking to rent out their primary residences while embarking on ventures abroad, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) emerging as a popular destination.

Speaking to Sam Paulo, Head of Lettings at Gilson Gray, this shift is not only indicative of evolving lifestyle choices and flexibility of home working, but also presents an array of considerations, including dual sales and lettings requests as individuals weigh their options. In response to this growing trend, we thought it beneficial to delve into the intricacies involved and provide insights into navigating this rental journey effectively.

Renting out your primary residence while venturing abroad can be a strategic decision, offering financial benefits and the opportunity to maintain a foothold in the property market. However, it’s not without its challenges. Understanding the local rental market dynamics, legal requirements, and potential tax implications, is paramount for a seamless transition or transaction.

Anyone that is considering renting out their primary residence should carefully evaluate their options, considering both rental income and capital gains tax (CGT). Rental income earned from leasing out the property is subject to taxation, and understanding the applicable tax rates and deductions is imperative for financial planning. In addition, CGT implications may arise upon the eventual sale of the property, requiring proactive tax planning strategies to mitigate potential liabilities.

Seeking guidance from a financial advisor can help individuals to assess their tax obligations, explore available deductions, and devise tax-efficient strategies to optimise rental income and minimize CGT exposures.

For those individuals that are considering dual sales and lettings requests, where they are contemplating selling or renting out their primary residence simultaneously, careful deliberation is warranted. Each option carries its own set of implications, ranging from financial considerations to lifestyle preferences.

In addition to these financial considerations, it’s essential to address practical aspects such as property management, maintenance, and tenant selection. Entrusting the management of the property to reputable professionals such as Gilson Gray will alleviate the burden of day-to-day operations and ensure a hassle-free rental experience. Similarly, conducting thorough due diligence when selecting tenants can mitigate risks and give you peace of mind while you are abroad and unable to check-in on your property.

Whether you are opting for long-term leasing or exploring dual sales and lettings requests, Gilson Gray are on-hand to help you make informed decisions and assist you in strategic planning, lending for a successful and rewarding rental experience.

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