Field of Dreams or Nightmares? (Pt 1)

Buying a plot of land and building your own home is high on everyone’s wish list but how easy is it to convert that dream into reality?  That depends on – how much money you have to spend; where you want to live and whether you want to have neighbours close by or nowhere near you.  Land itself remains available and may become more accessible if Brexit and the Government’s plans for land reform are implemented although action to combat climate change including the planting of more trees may, in time, restrict the supply.

For now the question you have to ask yourself is – how brave am I?  Do you want to source the plot of land yourself or buy a serviced plot from a Developer?  Sourcing land can be an exhausting process – approaching grumpy farmers or landowners, speaking to planning officials in local councils, finding a mortgage all can drain you of energy.  Equally, striking a deal with the owner of a serviced plot can be a trying and complex business – are the services, gas, electricity, water, broadband nearby and is your plot next to an adopted, i.e. maintained by the Council, road or is it reached by a rutted and grassy track across a lumpy field?  Will you have to pay for an electricity supply to be connected to your property at a cost of several thousand pounds?  Is there a mains water connection or is your source a spring in a gorse strewn field 300 yards away?  Will you need to install a septic tank or reed bed and if so, where will the contents drain away to (Answer: within your ground or a ditch or watercourse belonging to your neighbour)

Once you’ve found your ideal land get in touch with us at Gilson Gray – we have experienced Solicitors who can help you to secure your dream plot. In the next blog we’ll look at the answers to the questions raised in this article.

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