Latest House Price Report

Latest House Price Report

1 November, 2018 by Gilson Gray in Blog

As an ESPC member firm we have access to up to date information which really assists us when speaking with our clients.

It summarises the keys points over the last quarter and is an excellent barometer of what lies ahead. In an ever changing market ( you can go away on holiday for a few days and be out of date ! ), its vital we are fed with the latest information.

‘ High demand from buyers driving up selling prices ‘ – I agree with this statement, it really has been an incredible year with double digit growth in most areas.  My view is that the market will continue to grow over the next year or so despite the likes of BREXIT which is just over the horizon. A lot of clients are now asking me if this will affect the market . Whilst there may be a slight slowing of activity in the weeks leading up to it, life goes on and people still need to buy and sell – We cannot influence what is going on in the wider economy but we can work with what we know locally.

Ultimately there is always something going on in the wider economy and the property market likes certainty not uncertainty – Key is having an agent who is aware of what’s going on out there and can adapt their offer accordingly.

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