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Experienced Child Contact & Custody Lawyers

Our divorce and Family Lawyers are based in Edinburgh and Glasgow but cover the whole of Scotland. There are a various child focused issues which may require to be resolved following a separation such as contact and residence (previously referred to as custody and access). Whatever the issue, our specialist accredited Family Lawyers can assist you in navigating a clear way forward.

  • We are an award winning family law team recognized as leaders in the field of family law.
  • Our team includes accredited as specialists in the field of family law.
  • Three dual qualified lawyers can advise on Scottish and English divorce.
  • With qualified mediators and collaborative lawyers in our team we can offer alternative solutions to expensive and stressful court action.

Our child contact and custody lawyers are here to support and guide you through difficult times.

Child Contact & Custody 
Frequently Asked Questions

What amount of contact should my child have with their other parent?

The type of contact arrangement and routine that you arrange with your child’s other parent can change over time and will vary from family to family, depending on your individual circumstances and your child’s best interests.

What if we can’t agree the specific details of contact?

If you are unable to decide the specific time a child spends with each parent by agreement, the options available to you include mediation, negotiation via a solicitor or as a last resort you could decide to raise a court action.

My former partner wants to relocate to a different country with my child. What can I do?

If a parent wants to move to another country within the UK or overseas, consent from the other parent is required failing which they must ask the court to make a specific issue order. The child’s best interest will be the paramount consideration for the court.

What are parental rights and responsibilities?

At birth a mother automatically has such rights as does the father if he is married to the mother. Unmarried fathers also have these rights automatically so long as the child was born after 4th May 2006 (which is when the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 came into force) and they are named as father on the child’s birth certificate. Such rights allow you to care for and be involved in the life of the child albeit that these rights are not absolute and must be considered against a background of the child’s best interests. If you do not have these rights, you can acquire them either by asking the mother of the child to enter into a parental rights and responsibilities agreement or by asking the court to grant such rights.

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“I wanted to thank you for encouraging a tasteful and diplomatic separation. It’s made a huge difference to an already difficult time.”

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“I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done to support Andrew and ourselves. Finally, we have the right outcome and the boys will have a more secure long term future.”

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