Our guide to child care arrangements during the Easter holiday

Our guide to child care arrangements during the Easter holiday

With the Easter holidays now looming we are finding that an increasing number of parents are asking us for advice on how to approach their children’s care arrangements during the holidays.

There is no one answer to this, as what works well for one family might not work for another. Most families consider holidays as a whole and then divide them up. That might mean that all holidays are shared 50/50, or that some children Easter with one parent and the October break with another parent. It also depends upon the children in question, their age, and whether they have any activities during the holidays. If it is agreed that a child should go to a holiday camp, regard should be given to how that impacts upon the time they get to spend with each parent.

Ultimately the paramount consideration in any discussions regarding a child’s care should be what works best for the child. That doesn’t mean that the child should determine what should happen during holidays, but it is important to scope out as best as you can (having regard to a child’s age and maturity) how they feel about potential options. It is important that children feel heard. In the first instance it would always be preferable if parents could agree arrangements between the two of them but in the event that that is not possible family lawyers are here to help, and if all else fails, the Court can make a determination.

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Shona Young
Senior Associate
Email:  syoung@gilsongray.co.uk

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