Embracing New Beginnings

Embracing New Beginnings

Sarah Feeney

Embracing New Beginnings.
Navigating Divorce in the New Year.

As we bid farewell to the holiday season and welcome the New Year, it’s not uncommon for solicitors to witness a surge in enquiries from couples contemplating divorce. The first week or two back to work after the Christmas break often marks the beginning of a journey toward accepting that a relationship may no longer be working. But what is it about the festive period that pushes many couples to take this pivotal step?

Unlike most divorces during the rest of the year, the decision to seek a divorce after the holidays is rarely triggered by a single isolated event. Typically, it involves the cumulative effect of certain actions or behaviors over a period of time.

The unique stress of Christmas, both financial and emotional, plays a significant role. The preparations, including shopping and the associated expenses, visits to relatives, and navigating endless queues, create an intense period that can strain any relationship. The festive ‘spirit,’ often accompanied by increased alcohol consumption, can magnify disagreements and escalate pre-existing tensions.

Tragically, the holiday season also witnesses an increase in reported cases of domestic abuse. While domestic abuse is not confined to a particular season, the Christmas period may intensify the abuse or the fear of abuse.

After the pressure of presents and family gatherings subsides, some couples may find themselves reevaluating their commitment to each other, viewing the start of the New Year as an opportune moment for change.

Contrary to popular belief, Christmas itself does not cause divorces. In many cases, it may even delay the decision for a few months. The added stress of holiday preparations tends to exacerbate pre-existing relationship problems. The anticipated increase in divorce inquiries is not because Christmas serves as the breaking point; rather, couples may have contemplated divorce for months, choosing to delay their announcement until after the festive period to minimize upset, particularly among family members and children.

If you find yourself considering a divorce, it’s crucial to know that there are ways to make the process smoother for yourself and your children. Depending on the level of conflict and the existing relationship between the couple, various routes such as mediation, collaboration, or straightforward negotiation between solicitors are available. Our expert and friendly family law team are here to guide you through all aspects of divorce, providing support to minimize stress and upset.

For personalised advice and assistance, reach out to Sarah Feeney, Associate, via email at SFeeney@gilsongray.co.uk or by telephone at +44 (0)141 530 2034. New beginnings await, and we’re here to help you navigate the path forward.

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