Same day Buying and Selling your Home in Scotland

Same day Buying and Selling your Home in Scotland

For the majority of homeowners these days, bridging finance is not an option and so they have to seriously consider when buying and selling, to move homes on the same day. This means that the seller has to be ready to move out their own house with all furniture packed by ideally no later than midday, followed by a swift transfer over to the home they are buying with their furniture unpacked and the removers away by 5 pm. Not only do you have the practical issues as a home mover, but your solicitor needs to ensure that all the legal processes and finances have been set up to move seamlessly and efficiently on the day, however, they can only be responsible for their part of the transaction and cannot control the actions of buyers and sellers and their solicitors further up or down the chain.

This scenario is fraught with stress and anxiety and here are some tips to make the process easier.

Make sure your mobile and charger are with you at all times so your solicitor and remover can make contact with you at all times.

There are essentials that need to be with you in case you hit delays. Kettle, sleeping bag, clothes for a few days, a camping chair, snacks and some alcoholic sustenance. Think about removing valuable items and documents completely from the move and leaving them with family or close friends for the duration.

Before the move, speak to your removers and make sure they have flexibility on timings on the day and also establish what their position is if the move gets delayed to later on in the afternoon. If they have strict timescales then ask them to quote for storing furniture overnight and how that can be organised and when they need to know about it. You could even organise selling one day and purchasing the next day with the removal company storing your furniture whilst you having a well-earned break in a budget hotel of your choice.

Doing your own move when buying and selling on the same day whilst it may be cheaper, is the most stressful of options as you will have no professional help and again you have to be very careful if the van hire needs to be returned by a set time that day. Even if you are organised and reckon you can be completed by 6 pm for the return of the van, remember that there may be others further along the chain who are not, and you could find yourself with very little time to move.

Remember all our conveyancers at Gilson Gray have had years of experience in dealing with same-day transactions and whilst we have all the legal know-how to get your transactions over the line we can also offer practical advice too !


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