MEDIATION – But not as we know it!

The corona virus, Covid-19, whatever we know it by, has changed the way that we live in an unprecedented way. Schools have closed, the elderly and vulnerable have been told to hibernate for 12 weeks and last night the UK and Scottish Governments announced that, with the exception of certain key workers, we too must all remain at home.

The impact is far reaching, for many it feels like life as we know it has been placed on hold with no indication when it may return to some normality.

For those currently going through a relationship breakdown it can add yet another level of anxiety, stress and uncertainty. You may think that this is yet another thing that has to be placed on hold. You can’t meet with your lawyer, you can’t progress or raise a court action. Is the only option to sit and wait until the worst is over?

Is the only option to sit and wait until the worst is over?

The answer is no- there is an alternative.

The answer is online family mediation.

Most people who have heard of family mediation may have an image of the couple and the mediator sitting around a table. In a traditional mediation this is what happens but experienced mediators are used to working with couples who for a variety of reasons can’t meet around the table. They might live in different countries or different parts of the UK. Mediation is still possible using simple technology that most of us have at home and couples can still successfully sort out their divorces, financial arrangements and arrangements for their children from the comfort of their own homes.

At Gilson Gray we have the technology in place to be able to offer mediation to couples during the current climate. Whether you were thinking of starting the process of negotiation, were in the midst of a negotiation through lawyers  but have been told that must now be placed on hold or whether you are currently involved in a court action that has been placed on hold by the court we can help you to progress your negotiations through online mediation.

We have a team of experienced mediators who are all CALM accredited who can help you through these unprecedented times no matter where you live in Scotland.

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