A day in the life of a paralegal.

I have been a licensing paralegal with Gilson Gray for only a couple of months. You would not be wrong to have Erin Brockovich come to mind when you think of a Paralegal, however, I am a far cry away from a billion pound settlement!

I have spent my first couple of months learning a great deal hands-on within the busy licensing department understanding licensing law and procedures in regards to Licensing Boards. The department is run by Legal Director Joanna Millar who has extensive knowledge in this field of law.

After being in the Licensing Department for two months now, to say that things have accelerated with regards to my training would be belittling. The volume of instruction coming into the department on a daily basis is inspiring. The speed at which these are acted on has been kept in awe every day. The momentum in regards to the process for licence applications and Licensing Board demands is one thing I still have to get my head around.

Initially I had been concerned that a bulk of this would go in one ear and out of the other given the rate and nature of what the team does. However, I am surprising myself with how much I am absorbing. From day one I have been assisting with licence applications and HMO appeals. I have been asked to draft a number of licence applications ranging from Premises licence applications to HMO licence applications. I have also assisted with editing complex documentation for only a couple of corporate cases but learnt a vast amount from even the little tasks such as editing.

I am looking forward to the upcoming months within the Licensing Department, if they reflect the first two months….then I believe I am in for a fast yet exciting journey with a great team.

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