Weekends Just Got Better For Househunters

Weekends Just Got Better For Househunters

The firm has launched an innovative service to help househunters to secure a vital, competitive edge when they are trying to buy their dream home.

The Residential Conveyancing Team has introduced a seven-days-a-week conveyancing service which gives buyers immediate access to a team of conveyancing experts over the crucial weekend viewing period.

It means anyone who has spotted a house over the weekend can call the Gilson Gray team to discuss the property, agree a price and formulise an offer – so that it can be lodged first thing on the Monday, providing the best possible chance to secure the home.

The initiative is also being offered to housebuilders, developers and mortgage brokers with the aim of allowing them to offer expert conveyancing advice as part of their package of services to potential buyers, especially first time buyers.

Debbie McCathie, Partner and Head of the Residential Conveyancing Team, said: “This service could make the difference between securing a dream home – or losing out.

“Traditionally, people look at a range of properties over the weekend and if they see one, they have to wait until the Monday to contact their solicitor – and by the time they have tracked them down, discussed its merits, agreed a price and submitted a formal offer to the sellers, it could be late in the day or even into the Tuesday.

“With Gilson Gray, you can talk to a highly skilled conveyancing expert over the weekend to be given expert guidance on the market and the property, and then agree a formal offer.

“That way, the offer can be with the seller’s solicitors first thing on Monday – with the added value of them also receiving an e mail alert over the weekend to say an offer is on its way.

“With a fixed price property that could seal the deal immediately. But an offer received at 9am on the Monday that beats all the other competition could be all that is needed to convince a seller to accept – avoiding potentially the need to go to a closing date.”

The service is also likely to prove to be highly attractive to builders/developers, and mortgage brokers, who would be keen to point buyers viewing a showhome or seeking a mortgage over the weekend, to an accessible conveyancing expert.

The expert service will be led by Debbie, Julian Scott, Director of Residential Conveyancing, and Property Advisor Kay Anderson. People will be able to access the team over the weekend – from anywhere in Scotland, or indeed the UK – by calling 0844 3079041.

Debbie added: “Client expectations are changing – with people rightly expecting high levels of service, although solicitors-estate agents have been inclined to stick with traditional way of doing things

“Our seven-days-a-week conveyancing service typifies Gilson Gray’s drive to challenge convention – to seek new and imaginative ways to improve the service to clients. We see no value in providing a similar service to everyone else, simply because that’s the way it has always been done.

“We know others have offered services of this type but none which offer a genuine Partner-led service which, rather than just being someone at the end of a call, actually delivers high quality solicitor advice that goes right up to drafting and lodging an offer for a property.”

To speak to the Gilson Gray conveyancing team, email 7days@gilsongray.co.uk or call us on 0844 3079041

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