Why the Gilson Gray traineeship is more than just a traineeship

Why the Gilson Gray traineeship is more than just a traineeship

A traineeship with Gilson Gray is more than just a traineeship. From day one, you are challenged and supported to produce high-quality work to allow you to grow into your role.

Networking Opportunities

Depending on your seat, you will be given a chance to work in several of our six offices located throughout the UK. This provides the trainee with fantastic networking opportunities in different cities, allows them to become better known within the firm by meeting Gilson Gray Staff in different locations, and allows the trainee to understand the different factors at play in legal service markets depending on geography.

Gilson Gray hosts a quarterly internal young professional group (GGYP) for professionals with less than 10 years of experience within the firm. As an organisation, Gilson Gray is not just a law firm. We have the Gilson Gray Financial Management arm of the business, together with Gilson Gray Property services, in addition to the legal practice. GGYP allows the trainee to meet and network with professionals in financial services, and property services to refer work, make friends, and discuss issues in a safe space – usually over a glass of wine or a non-alcoholic drink.

Professional Development

Gilson Gray is more than a traineeship because you are not just a cog in the organisational machine. There is a real drive towards the personal and professional development of the trainee. Gilson Gray looks to retain as many trainees as possible going into NQ. Consequently, the firm provides training on softer skills such as mental health support, emotional intelligence, networking skills, and physical well-being.

Quality of work

Lastly, the quality of work provided during a Gilson Gray traineeship is exceptional. You will not just be making tea and coffee or sorting the mail/photocopying. You will be included in drafting, negotiating, appearing in court, researching complex legal issues, and in some instances, you may even have your own supervised transactions /matters to run.

All traineeships are a steep learning curve. However, Gilson Gray is more than a traineeship because of the drive to support you into becoming a day-one ready-made NQ. A traineeship with Gilson Gray will set the foundation for your legal career where you can continue to grow and develop throughout your career.

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