The importance of first aid

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Well they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! However………..?

I was recently ‘volunteered’ by Gilson Gray’s facility manager Lee – Ann Sweeney for attendance at a First Aid course run by St. Andrew’s First Aid. It had been some time (sadly over 50 years) since I had earned my Cub Scout First Aid badge so I understood things might have moved on a bit.

The course was interesting and very well run. I learned a lot and also learned how little I did know about first aid. There were however two things I was told which I thought were really worthwhile to share with you all.

The first relates to defibrillators. The statistical information regarding the use of these machines is staggering. If someone collapses and is unresponsive the use of effective CPR will give a 10 -20% chance of survival. If a defibrillator is used the chances of survival jumps to around 70%. These machines are relatively cheap £700 – £1500 depending on the model. The ones we were shown actually talked to you and told you what to do. Every medium to large employer should in my view invest in one and also a sign at their front door advising that one is available for emergency purposes. It is a small price to potentially save a life.

The second one is rather more simple. Those who know me will be aware I am not the most IT minded. My mobile phone is a tool and not entertainment. I have a number of apps on it that I have no idea about. At our course we were told about the Health app. Once set up that can store important information which can be accessed by a first responder if you have an accident. No password is needed and after 5 clicks of the start button the phone will give information such as emergency contacts. This could be massively important if you are in an accident. So I suggest that you get this done or, if you are like me, get your kids to sort it out for you. It might just save your life!

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