Extracting Payment From Non-Paying Customers

We are Debt and Asset Recovery Specialists. In most cases we will locate and return your plant and machinery to you quickly. In cases where your machinery cannot be found, we will raise legal proceedings to recover the value of your machinery and any unpaid rental arrears due to you. The service of the Court papers upon your defaulting customers usually results in payment, either in full or in agreeable instalments.

In some cases though, your customers might choose to ignore the service of Court papers upon them. That will result in a Court Decree/Judgment being taken against them. This will affect their credit rating.  It is at this stage that you need to rely on our debt recover expertise to extract the outstanding sums from your customers.

We are experts in making recoveries. We know the Court system well. We have strong relationships with trace agents and Sheriff Officers. We can arrest bank accounts, arrest wages, place Inhibitions on your customers such that they cannot remortgage or sell any property that they own.

We can raise Bankruptcy proceedings against them, the ultimate threat to extract money from them. If the monies are due from a Limited Company, we can take steps to threaten them with liquidation, at which point most limited companies make full payment.

We enforce Decrees and Judgments on a daily basis. We make large recoveries for our clients on a daily basis. There is no quicker or most cost efficient team to instruct than ourselves.

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