04/09/14 - My two weeks with Gilson Gray

I thoroughly enjoyed my two-week summer placement at Gilson Gray. From the moment I arrived at the Edinburgh office, we were welcomed by a friendly, approachable team. I quickly realised that everybody had incredible drive and ambition to create a successful business through coordination of law, property and finance.

We were regularly given the opportunity to interact with clients and our input was often considered. I particularly enjoyed accompanying Hazel to a client meeting in relation to the arrangement and drafting of a will. Later, we revisited the same client with Alastair to discuss investment opportunities which illustrated to me the coordination between law and finance.

Another highlight of my placement was attending a pre-trial meeting at the Court of Session with David. It involved conducting research, liaising with the client and getting the chance to convey our own views about the case at hand.

We assisted Andrew in drafting a Sale and Purchase Agreement for a renewable energy project. We also attended meetings concerning potential business for Gilson Gray with Ricky. On our final day in the Edinburgh office, I joined Rob in two property valuations, which gave me an interesting exposure to the property sector at Gilson Gray.

During our second week in the Glasgow office, we were fortunate to gain experience in the employment law sector with Graham. It was interesting to assist Graham in drafting an employee handbook, and I learnt a great deal from attending Graham’s presentation on the effects of TUPE and social media on employers.

In Glasgow, we were also given substantial responsibility to undertake research and prepare for a court hearing in the Litigation Department with Iain. Contributing to the legal submissions and subsequently attending the Proof in Glasgow Sherriff Court was a great, hands-on way to learn about litigation. To top off our exciting experience, we threw a bucket of water over Iain, in aid of the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’!

Our two-week placement ended with an opportunity for us to present to Matthew and Derek our ideas on how Gilson Gray can grow its business. The presentation was then followed by a fantastic drinks reception.

Overall, the diverse assignments provided by Gilson Gray made my placement a very interesting and valuable experience. I am keen to undertake any future opportunities with the firm.

Rachel Henderson, Summer Placement Student

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