S’upping success

S’upping success

20 December, 2017 by Gilson Gray in Blog

We’re delighted to have recently assisted an amazing company to take its business to the next level. Our friends at S’up Products Limited came up with a new spoon for people with shaky hands. They had two main goals when they started working on the product.

First, it had to work! It had to make life easier for people with shaky hands to eat. S’up’s founder, Grant Douglas, doesn’t let his cerebral palsy get in his way and the spoon was his eureka moment to help him eat cereal and soup. His testing and input on the design of the S’up Spoon made sure that it does just that.

Second, it had to look good. Too many products for people with disabilities look like medical devices. The S’up Spoon’s bold, elegant design is tactile and beautiful. Take a look:

But we’re just lawyers, not known for our aesthetic eye. (The author of this piece is currently wearing a mid-blue jumper and possibly the last person anyone would ask for design advice.) Trust, then, the good taste and judgement of the curators of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and now the Smithsonian Institute in New York, who are exhibiting the S’up Spoon.

The S’up Spoon owes its existence and innovative design to a collaboration between S’up Products Limited and boutique design consultancy 4C Design, led by Robin Smith in Glasgow.

Our role was to help S’up Products Limited and 4C Design to put their relationship on a sound long term footing and to help secure funding for the next generation of S’up products.

Grant and Guy kindly said of us:

The help and guidance have been of the highest quality, so it reassuring to know that we now have an agreement that will enable S’up to grow, develop more products and help more people who have shaky hands

We were delighted to be able to provide this help on a pro bono* basis and be a small part of the S’up Spoon story. We wish Grant and his business partner Guy Watt the very best of luck with the S’up Spoon and we look forward to seeing their further innovations to help people with disabilities with a bit of style!

For more information on the S’up Spoon, click here: http://www.sup-products.com/

For more information on 4C Design, click here: http://www.4cdesign.co.uk/

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*Pro bono publico – for the public good: lawyers wouldn’t be lawyers without a bit of Latin to cover our charitable tracks!

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