No stabilisers ever needed due to the dynamic style of training

Since my last blog, I have finished my two-year traineeship and qualified as a solicitor.  I was thrilled to be staying on with Gilson Gray and continue to work in the Litigation department.

The two year training contract passed at a surprising speed.  However, when looking back I appreciate the number of transactions that I have worked on; the number of clients I have dealt with; the extensive variety of work that I have undertaken; the amount that I have learned in that time; and the direction I want to develop further.

My training contract was split into two.  In my first year I worked across both Renewable Energy and Commercial Real Estate. My second year was spent in Litigation, where I now work post-qualification.  The balance of these seats has set me up well to appreciate the ongoing commerciality of the work we do on a daily basis.

The commerciality is also internal, as all levels of the firm are encouraged to embrace this aspect of the business and contribute to it.  Likewise, everyone is encouraged to contribute to how the firm continues to evolve.  We recently all attended a firm ‘away day’ where we discussed the firm’s objectives, values and trajectory for development.

Since qualification, my role within the Litigation department has continued to expand.  I carry out research and preparation of cases, meet clients, appear in court, draft documents, and assist with larger projects. At the same time I am responsible for my own work with partners providing supervision and support, where necessary.

Having spoken to friends at other firms, I expected qualification to be a watershed moment where the stabilisers are removed and expectations (both commercially and financially) are suddenly intensified compared to the trainee environment.  This is true for some but I do not find myself in this position.  During my traineeship I was given genuine responsibility, which came with expectation of effort and quality.  The transition from trainee has, therefore, been a lot a smoother which is testament to the more dynamic style of training.

Whilst I am sure that post-qualification will continue to present new challenges, it is an exciting time to be working as a newly-qualified solicitor with the Firm as it continues to grow and develop.

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