A make-shift desk, a tower of Diploma notes, and a whole lot of “wait, am I on mute?"

Working remotely during my traineeship felt like quite a daunting prospect initially.  However, five months into my first seat in Residential Conveyancing, and I’m glad to say I have upgraded my desk, condensed my over-zealous notes, and have become quite accustomed to meeting my colleagues through a screen.

The pace at which the firm has adapted to the current challenges posed by lockdown has been impressive. I started my traineeship with the New Business team, working in allocations. Within my first week, the team had devised a new system for stream-lining the allocation process and initiating client contact. Working in New Business has developed my appreciation for the importance of fostering positive relationships with clients from the outset. It has also complemented my work in Conveyancing by providing a solid foundation for understanding the framework of a property transaction.

I’m now currently working along-side Michael Anderson in Residential Conveyancing. Mike is approachable and very knowledgeable in his field and entrusts me with a broad spectrum of work.  From lenders and companies purchasing investment properties, to the young couple buying their first home or the expanding family looking for a home office, I am delighted to be part of a team that delivers an excellent service for a variety of clientele with different objectives and expectations.

Also finding myself between a rock and a “this-is-my-working-from-home” space, I can appreciate why there continues to be a demand for that extra square footage in the home. Conveyancing is known for its fast-paced, transactional nature, so with the addition of the mini boom in the property market, dubbed the “space-race”, I was anticipating a busy first seat. As expected, some days are a welcome medley of jumping between one small task to another – it could be a call chasing a redemption statement from a lender, drafting a description of a property for a Confirmation, or completing an MR01 for Companies House.

However, there are other days where I can be engrossed in analysing boundaries on a Title Plan, drafting a disposition for an unregistered plot, or sat, brow furrowed at a Home Report, googling construction jargon. It’s a great mix and I feel comfortable reaching out to the team with any questions. I was recently pleasantly surprised by my new-found interest in burdens. Interpreting burdens and determining whether they survive feudal abolition can be a satisfying sport. It can also be a kind of walk through history; a burden I was recently looking at for example, prohibited the manufacture of steam engine boilers in a small city-centre flat – hopefully not too much of a concern nowadays!

Besides burdens, boundaries and brow furrowing, I have been able to develop my commercial awareness and evolve my understanding of what makes a law firm successful. Gilson Gray’s Young Professional Forum, for example, encourages us to cultivate our Business Development acumen by connecting with our peers and sharing our ideas and experiences across all departments. As well as this, the trainees can also participate in weekly internal CPD sessions. Next week, in a culmination of our training in our current topic of Insolvency Law, we will put our knowledge to the test in the form of a Zoom moot. I never would have anticipated engaging in a moot during a seat in Conveyancing, so it is refreshing that we are encouraged to explore other fields of law outwith our allocated seats.

I am delighted to be part of a firm that has been able to adapt and evolve under the current challenges posed by lockdown. I’ve undertaken an array of rewarding and valuable work and I am grateful to be part of such a dynamic and supportive team. I can’t wait to find out what the next few years may bring and, when restrictions allow, I look forward to finally meeting everyone at the firm in person.

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