The Challenges and Opportunities Around Student Housing in Scotland

The Challenges and Opportunities Around Student Housing in Scotland

Challenges and Opportunities in Student Housing in Scotland: Insights from Experts

Student housing in Scotland is often a topical headline, particularly at this time of year when students are preparing to settle into new properties ahead of the new academic school year.

The process of finding suitable accommodation can be daunting, with a variety of challenges that students, universities, and landlords face. In our latest blog, we explore the challenges and potential solutions in student housing with experts Rob McGregor, Head of Estate Agency, and Marcus Di Rollo, Lettings Director.

High Demand and Limited SupplyAs the new academic year approaches, the demand for student housing skyrockets, often outpacing the supply available. This imbalance leads to increased competition for the best properties, driving up rental prices and leaving some students struggling to find suitable accommodation.

AffordabilityEven when housing is available, affordability remains a significant issue. Many students are on tight budgets, and the rising costs of living, coupled with high rents, can make it difficult to secure accommodation without financial strain.

Quality of AccommodationThe quality of student housing can vary with some students finding themselves in properties that are poorly maintained, with issues such as damp, insufficient heating, and inadequate security. White these conditions can not only impact their health and wellbeing, it can also have a negative effect on their academic performance as the year progresses.

LocationProximity to University campus’ and other amenities is a crucial factor for students and often their guardians. Properties in desirable locations are often more expensive due to this fact, and more affordable options may be situated far from universities, leading to increased travel time and stress.

Short-Term LeasesThe academic calendar often dictates the need for short-term leases, typically nine months, which can be a challenge for both students and landlords. Students may face difficulty finding leases that fit their term time, while landlords prefer longer-term tenants to minimise turnover.

Gilson Gray are seeing an increase in the volume of For Sale property interest from students, particularly across one and two bedroom flats, being largely funded by parents/guardians and other family members who are keen to secure long-term accommodation on their behalf.

With a dedicated Lettings team, Gilson Gray are also here to support private developers and landlords in addition to those who are looking investing in properties that can be used for student accommodation.

The challenges of student housing in Scotland are multifaceted, but whether you are a student, parent, or landlord, don’t hesitate to contact our Estate Agency and Lettings teams to discuss your specific needs – we’re here to help.

Rob McGregor
Head of Estate Agency
Marcus Di Rollo
Lettings Director

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