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What we've learned Lettings Team

As we appear to have navigated our way over the peak of Covid-19 and begin our journey back down from the summit of abnormality, Gilson Gray Lettings have unearthed some new ways in which to bring further efficiency and improvement to the way we operated, pre-lockdown.

Despite the barrage of negativity that this pandemic has brought to businesses, especially operationally, there are also many positives to take from the experience and it has helped our Lettings Team identify new ways in which to bring continued success.

Working from home transition

As everyone is required to work remotely, we have re-adjusted our logistics in terms of key handling and operations throughout the team which has been made simpler thanks to our new Keywhere electronic system in partnership with Inspect Real Estate. This part of business can be tricky but we have benefitted from the same efficiency and availability to our clients, both landlord and tenant, from working remotely as we would have in-office and there has been no lapse in our consistency on this part.

We’ve gone VIRTUAL

One of the key discoveries we can take forward beyond Covid-19, is the addition of virtual viewings and virtual staging of properties on the market. Although viewings are most effective when done in person, we now have the ability to reach out to a wider audience with a detailed virtual viewing and it also allows equal opportunity for prospective tenants who are unable to attend face to face. The feedback on this has been excellent and we have managed to secure countless tenancies by utilising this new-found asset effectively. I think this adapted resource will be here to stay in the Lettings sector!

Refining our processes and striving as a team

It’s not always easy to identify ways in which you can improve and we have been working closer than ever as a team during the 11 weeks of lockdown, despite being removed from our office environment. We have refined our process in which we receive and complete applications for tenants, the on-loading of new properties and general day to day management of the properties within our portfolio. This has allowed us to continue to provide great service to both landlords and tenants, even under difficult circumstances.

The phrase Covid-19 will no doubt have negative connotations for everyone in the future but there are many positives to take from the experience in a business sense. When faced with adversity, it allows us to think differently and that is what we always try to do at Gilson Gray. The changing times have allowed us to pursue areas in which we may not have looked at and given us the platform to tackle any issue with confidence. All of which will be here to stay!

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