Plant Hire Arrears

We are all facing a difficult year or two ahead as the cost of living is increasing.  Insolvencies, both personal and commercial, are on the rise and that is predicted to continue for the next 12 to 18 months. Many businesses, both large and small, will feel the pinch and many will go to the wall.

We understand that your plant and machinery is important to your business. We understand its value to you. We will take all expert steps to locate or recover that for you, where it goes missing.

However, that is not always an option. Plant and machinery can disappear and sometimes cannot be located. In those circumstances your remedy is to pursue your customers for the value of that plant and machinery, and any arrears due by them to your business, through the Scottish courts.

We are experts in Debt Recovery. We act for a number of Plant Hire Companies. We regularly raise proceedings to recover sums due to your Company, with regards to the value of missing plant and machinery, and arrears. We are fast, aggressive and cost effective.  We will do our utmost to recover the funds due to your business.

We will have your back and fight your corner. That will be increasingly important this next year or so as we all face significant economic difficulties.

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