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O Wad Some Power the Giftie Gie Us, to See Oursels as Ithers See Us!

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To a Louse by Robert Burns is a poem about Robert seeing a louse on a lady’s bonnet in Church.  Unbeknown to her, she thinks the winks and waves from the congregation are about her beautiful bonnet and tosses her head in appreciation.

It’s a bit like when you are selling your home.  You live in your home, and while you may think it’s as pretty as Jenny’s bonnet, viewers and potential buyers may see things differently.  Of course they are often too polite to say what they see.  Imagine if they did tell the truth…

What if you employed an Estate Agent who tells the truth, no matter how painful that might be?  For example, if you own pets, we can become used to their smells and pet hair.  It takes a brave agent to comment on these things without the risk of offending a potential client.

Choosing an Estate Agent to sell your home and deliver the best price is a somewhat complex and stressful process.

Do you go for the cheapest Agent in the belief that all Agents are much of a muchness? Do you choose the Agent that is most active within your area? Do you choose the Agent recommended by a friend or the Agent that you have used in the past? There are many more questions one must consider. One thing for sure is that whoever you choose, past evidence of performance is vitally important. Speed of sale does not necessarily equal the perfect result!  A combination of factors is what any house seller should be looking for and these include, price achieved, entry date, purity of the offer (does the sale rely on the sale of the purchaser’s property, does the sale rely on a mortgage approval etc), conditions of offer etc.

First and foremost you must feel comfortable with your chosen Agent. A starting point for this should be to review testimonials of past sales. What are previous clients saying about the Agent and if possible, challenge the Agent and ask to speak to a past client directly (obviously respecting GDPR policy).

It wad frae mony a blunder free us, An’ foolish notion:

An example of some of our testimonials are as follows:

  1. “We had previously tried to sell our home with no luck. When we came to Gilson Gray to market our property they were fantastic. We were given advice on the different marketing strategies available to us. We elected to have a brochure and a video produced to help sell our property. We were blown away with the resulting video. Suffice to say, our property sold in 6 days and we were delighted with the service provided by Gilson Gray.” – Jack & Jill, Barnton
  2. “Highly recommend. Made sale very easy and hassle-free.” – Anonymous
  3. “The Estate Agency team at Gilson Gray provided a first class service when supporting my recent property sale. They took care of and managed every detail resulting in a stress free sale within 2 weeks!” – Lindsey Stewart
  4. “We are delighted that the process of selling our Lidgate Shot property has gone so well. A big thank you to yourself for your professionalism and attentiveness. All the best to Gilson Gray.” – Anonymous

The information and opinions contained in this blog are for information only. They are not intended to constitute advice and should not be relied upon or considered as a replacement for advice. Before acting on any of the information contained in this blog, please seek specific advice from Gilson Gray.


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