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Housing and Property Chamber - Postponement of Hearings

At the outset of the Covid 19 lockdown all scheduled hearings with the First Tier Tribunal Housing and Property Chamber were automatically rescheduled to 28th of May 2020. Those hearings were not expected to go ahead on that day. This was merely a provisional date.

New directions from the Tribunal have pushed those hearings on to the 9th of July 2020. Again, another provisional date in line with Scottish Government pandemic measures. Parties are not to attend on this date and guidance will be issued.

A further postponement was expected. Yet to date no real measures have been put in place for the Tribunal to hear cases where no evidence is required by remote means such as telephone conference call or by written submission. That is unlike the Sheriff Courts’ recent approach where cases can be heard by a sheriff via telephone conference call or by written submission in circumstances where the sheriff finds it appropriate to do so.

I am hopeful the same approach will be taken by the Housing and Property Chamber in due course. They have released a statement suggesting remote measures will be in place come July 2020. Whilst I understand the constraints faced here unfortunately for many Landlords the impact of this waiting period will be to their severe detriment.

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