Gilson Gray Lettings agrees partnerships with short term rental agencies

Gilson Gray Lettings agrees partnerships with short term rental agencies in order to offer diversification for concerned holiday lets owners.

Gilson Gray Lettings have been in communication with a number of agents and home owners who’s properties are typically rented out on the short term rentals market to offer a strategic partnership and stability through Private Rented Tenancies.

An industry insider told, Sam Paulo, Head of Lettings, that, “100% the Edinburgh Festival will be cancelled. I cannot see it going ahead, especially in light of the Olympics being postponed.”

With short term portals offering 100% discounts this leaves owners and agents with no income for the foreseeable future and certainly until all non-essential travel is lifted.

AirBNB included Coronovirus cancellations as part of its extenuating circumstances cancellation policy;

“Guests who cancel will receive a full refund, and hosts can cancel without charge or impact on their Superhost status. Airbnb will refund all service fees for covered cancellations.”

For more information on how Gilson Gray are assisting home owners and agents, contact Sam Paulo on or call 07795463590

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