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Are you satisfied with your current Letting Agent? – Explained: The ease of switching your Letting Agent 

For a landlord, the process of choosing a letting agent can be difficult, with so many out there, especially in Edinburgh and the Lothians. This can also be seen as a positive, as a larger pool of choice means it should be easier to find the letting that best suits a landlord’s needs.

What then happens if that Letting Agent the landlord worked so hard to identify doesn’t live up to their expectations in terms of customer service and efficiency?

Essentially, if you are unhappy with your current Letting Agent, there is nothing preventing you from switching.

The most common misconception is that this process can become a hassle for landlords. I am going to explain why this is most certainly NOT the case.


During this specifically uncertain time, with Covid-19 here for what looks like a longer time than first anticipated, your current Letting Agent may have reduced staff, hours, productivity due to no fault of their own.

At Gilson Gray Lettings we are operating as normal and business continues to strive. Your property is an asset that should be protected at all costs and we can provide the assurance that even during these unexpected times, your investment will always be in safe hands.

In the case of switching agent, leave this to us! If completed effectively, every aspect should be covered by agent to agent communication. Here are the basic requirements for a new agent following a switch:

  • Key handover between agents.
  • Safety certificates required to be passed over for records.
  • Any inventory completed prior to tenancy beginning.
  • Lease agreement with current tenant(s).
  • Any details/conditions about rental payments.

Each of these points are covered between agents and theonly key requirement from a landlord should be the process of ending the agreement with their current agent. It is important you check your Terms of Business (TOB) with your current Letting Agent to ensure you are abiding by any possible notice period.

If you are worried about disrupting your tenants in situ by changing agent, we have you covered. This is actually an easier process to complete than between tenancies as everything is already in place. Any effective agent will be in regular communication with their tenants and so any maintenance or preferences can be explained by making a simple phone call and logged on the system.

So there we have it! The process of changing Letting Agent is simple and can be completed with minimal landlord engagement. If you have a bad experience at a hotel stay, you aren’t likely to return. You have the choice of others to choose from, just like your managing agent, so why not make the switch today.

If anyone would like to speak to one of our Lettings professionals, please contact us at or give us a call for some further information on how you can make the switch at 0131 516 5354.

The information and opinions contained in this blog are for information only. They are not intended to constitute advice and should not be relied upon or considered as a replacement for advice. Before acting on any of the information contained in this blog, please seek specific advice from Gilson Gray.


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