Life and work in East Lothian – the perfect combination

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Most days I count my blessing and realise how fortunate I am – not only do I live in one of the most beautiful counties in Scotland, I also work here.  In North Berwick which, on any view, is a pretty special place to spend your day.

But don’t be fooled – we may enjoy our seaside idyll but there is serious work going on here for a large and varied number of clients. We are  famous for private client work, such as the preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney or the administration of estates.  We have a shop front which displays our expertise in property – sales and purchases.  But we are also the portal into the full range of legal services which our parent firm, Gilson Gray, can offer.  So we can help with commercial property or corporate matters, litigation, employment and family law advice, to name but a few.  It is this combination of a high street presence with access to such vast expertise which is such a winner.

Having said that the same high street presence and the personal service we offer is, I believe, crucial to our success now and in the future.  It is wrong to assume that the good people of East Lothian consider themselves as an adjunct to Edinburgh.  Nor that they will want to conduct business in city premises, albeit that may only be a short train ride away.  We’re all about personal service and I am delighted that Gilson Gray believes in that too, and will support us to do more and better in the years ahead.

So whilst change is always a challenge, the change to become part of a firm which is looking forward to being part of our community, in one of the fastest growing areas of Scotland, is one which excites me and my team. There  are to be no changes to the team, all of whom live in East Lothian and are excited to be involved in our new future.

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