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Chartered Financial Adviser

Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes BA (Hons), APFS, Cert CII (FS) Chartered has been a Financial Adviser since 1993, beginning her career with Sun Alliance. She joined St. James's Place Wealth Management in 1996. Sarah joined GGFM in February 2023 after merging her business with GGFM. With over 25 years of experience in financial services, many of Sarah’s clients have been with her from the early years and she is now guiding the next generation of with their financial planning and objectives. Sarah’s philosophy is simple –to support her clients by helping them, their families and their businesses clarify and achieve their objectives, by developing strategies tailored to their individual circumstances. The reality is, few people manage their finances efficiently because, even when it is clear what needs to be achieved, it can be difficult to work out the best route to take. Investing for the future is imperative. However, your money has to provide enjoyment and life experiences today. A major part of financial planning is creating this scenario whilst ensuring your funds don’t run out. Our financial lives are much more complicated than those of any generation before us and the financial services industry is awash with information.


    Sarah's view is that there are no off-the-shelf solutions as every single one of her clients has their own personal concerns, responsibilities, and ambitions/dreams. The solutions that work for one simply would not work for another, and all clients do not always have the same relationship with money. Established in Edinburgh, Sarah’s client base is throughout the UK. She, therefore, has a wide network of professionals, support structures and expertise in place to offer exceptional service.


    The charitable arm of St. James’s Place –The St. James's Place Charitable Foundation –is close to Sarah’s heart, having been involved at committee level for over 17 years, both as a Representative on the Main Committee and Chairman of the local Edinburgh committee, before stepping down in January 2019. Activities to raise funds during her tenure included taking part in climbing Skye's inaccessible Pinnacle the 3 peak challenge and a trip to Nepal building schools, with all funds being matched by the company.