Six months later

I had hoped, like most of us, that the current lockdown would be a thing of the past.  Working from home has had its challenges but it is amazing to see how everything has been adapted to allow the firm to continue its normal duties and in the same vein grow from strength to strength.

I believe that our Private Client team is a market leader in terms of how we have adapted to working remotely and enhancing the delivery of our service to clients throughout Scotland. The vast majority of the clients that I have dealt with have praised the ease at which they can access legal services remotely. We have been able to help clients across the whole of Scotland, simply with video meetings. Many of whom may have used a local solicitor rather than travelling into a city center for a meeting, prior to the pandemic.

In these last six months, I have also adapted, gained valuable experience and developed my legal and commercial awareness. Throughout the diploma and the traineeship process phrases like “commercial awareness” and “business acumen” are almost expected to be something already engrained on every aspiring solicitor. Knowledge I should have perhaps acquired at birth or while reading the prescribed textbook on commercial knowledge. In reality, how many law students actually possess a true grasp of how a law firm works and what makes a law firm successful before working within this type of environment?

During my very brief time as a private client trainee, I find myself thinking about these key phrases and what do they actually mean for me, others in the firm and our existing and future clients. I am learning that commercial awareness is a fluid term that has different meanings and practical applications in different areas of a legal business.

I have been extremely lucky that I am in a team that is constantly evolving and expanding. Through the use of new technology, the team is working towards a more efficient way of providing our services to clients. The introduction of the GG-Hub provides a convenient tool for legal drafting. It allows the team to prepare documents in a more cost effective way for the fixed fee work we undertake and for the other services we provide.

We are in constant communication with one another, which helps provide a supportive environment in which to learn. I have been working with the team to build on the existing technology, styles and how we can streamline our services to increase profitability.

In addition to the technology advancements, there is large focus within the team on internal referrals. We are acquiring a significant number of fixed fee will instructions each month from the residential department. It has been exceptional experience for my knowledge on will drafting! With each new will instruction, there is concerted effort to tie in other private client services and referrals to other departments such as family law, GGFM and the lettings team during our client meetings.

Whilst I am only scratching the surface of what it means to be commercially aware, I find myself thinking not just about the law but about how all departments work together and what can we do to standout from the crowd.

If you would like further information regarding our traineeship program, please click here.

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