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We started up six years ago. We’re now a multi-million pound turnover organisation with 150 staff in four locations across Scotland and commercial links around the world. We are driven by two things: legal excellence and entrepreneurship. Our clients love that.

So, whatever stage your business is at, speak to us. You’ll get the smart, no-nonsense, legal advice our clients love and that has powered our growth. And you’ll be speaking to people with one aim – to make your business great.

Start up

When you’re starting up, the more people you know and call upon for assistance the better. We have a network of funders, investors, accountants, advisers and brokers who will be invaluable to you. We’ll introduce you to the people you need to know.

You will also get from us a business structure that is right for your ambitions, with the flexibility to grow

Set up

You have a business to run. You have staff and customers to look after, products to develop, sales to make. Great businesses get the details right too. They ensure their capital structure is right, their filings at Companies House are up to date, their shares are owned by the right per-son, and it’s all written down properly.

What if a director dies? Or a shareholder wants out? Great businesses have a plan. We’ll look after your set up, keep your corporate records straight and sort your disaster planning. Set up properly, and you’ll find it easier to attract investors, win tenders and borrow money.

Getting it right

Business is about trust. Great businesses know that trust must be backed up with great contracts. We help you get your contracts right. We make sure everyone knows what they have to do and where they stand if they don’t do it so you can run your business with confidence.

Protecting your ideas

If you have a great business, you have great ideas you need to protect. We ensure your intellectual property is protected, be that your trade marks, your designs, your inventions, your creative output, your code, even the unique processes that set you apart. We find ways to keep them safe, so only the right person profits from them: you.

Incentivising your team

We’ll ensure your staff, senior management and board are on the right employment terms. To stay great, you need to keep your top team close. You might want them to participate in the future value of the business. We are experts in setting up tax efficient share incentives schemes, so your best staff are focused on making your business great.

Staying great

Great businesses are great at compliance. They see the opportunity in getting their systems and processes right. We help our clients realise value from compliance particularly, GDPR and employment law compliance.

And we’re there to guide you through tricky moments, where the board has a tough call to make, or there’s a difference of opinion that needs resolved. We’ll give you an objective viewpoint so you can make the best call.

Getting greater

There may come a point where you need to convince someone else how great you are: maybe for securing a loan, investment, winning a tender, or selling your business. We help you get your due diligence pack ready, identify gaps and solve problems before they become deal breakers.

We’ll help to present your business in the best possible light and guide you through the process from heads of terms all the way to financial close.

Our experience

Here are some examples of the great businesses we are proud to have helped:

  • We advised a tech start up on its seed capital round for a crypto-currency mining business.
  • We helped a start-up data analysis and marketing business, writing its contracts and policies, its staff incentive scheme and structuring its international launch.
  • We advised an investor funding a med-tech business on a seed round investment.
  • We helped a financial services business acquire three new businesses in Scotland.
  • We advised a start-up app on various funding rounds, including angel investment crowdfunding.
  • We advised a digital agency on its B2B contracts with international sporting brands.
  • We helped a software studio negotiate terms for contract coding.
  • We helped a snack company protect the branding of a new snack product.
  • We helped an entrepreneur buy a business out of insolvency and turn it back into a £40M turnover success story.

And here’s what  
Some of our clients have told us

  • Darryl Morrow
  • Udrafter

We commissioned the expertise of Gilson Gray to manage our legal proceedings during our equity crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs. This was an intricate legal process, but they managed to guide us through each step to make it easily understandable.  The team were extremely professional and the service provided was delivered to a high standard.

  • Anon

Andrew Fleetwood is the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with. He’s worked his nuts off for us.

  • Keren Grant
  • Edinburgh Wealth Management

You’ve been a calm and patient coach/guide throughout the process and that’s helped enormously, making me feel like you were truly representing me and not just getting a deal over the line.

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