UK Olympic Great on the Podium for Gilson Gray

Britain’s most decorated female Olympian returned to the podium once again to give an intimate talk at the office of a leading Scottish law firm.

Dame Katherine Grainger, who was a gold medallist at the 2012 summer games, four-time Olympic silver medallist and six-time World Champion, starred in an exclusive talk on leadership and achievement in sport to a selection of Scotland’s leading business people.

The event was hosted by full service legal firm, Gilson Gray, in partnership with TL Dallas, as they both welcomed a select group to the talk to gain valuable insight into “Leadership Lessons in Sport”.

Speaking at Gilson Gray’s newly expanded Edinburgh headquarters at Rutland Square, Dame Katherine, said: “There is a huge cross-over in the way athletes and business people approach their craft.

“The pursuit of success in every area of your field to build something to be proud of is mirrored in both sides of what we do.

“Neither sport nor industry are ever static as we look to become smarter, better and faster to reach that next level. That is something that is true of success regardless of the setting, so I’m delighted to have been able to share my experiences today.”

During her talk, Dame Katherine underlined the importance of team honesty and the understanding of the small, marginal improvements that can be made by all members of a team, that combined can lead to a greater ‘step’ change.

Grainger took up rowing in 1993 whilst studying law at Edinburgh University and represented St Andrews Boat Club. Dame Katherine’s first Olympic medal came at Sydney 2000 in the woman’s quadruple sculls and brought Gold to GB in the2012 games in London.

Ricky Cowan, Business Development Director at Gilson Gray, said: “It is a great honour to welcome someone with the kind of outstanding achievements to her name that Katherine has to Gilson Gray.

“What she had to say truly resonates with our ethos here at Gilson Gray as we strive to provide the highest levels of client excellence and business performance possible.

“Everyone present today will come away from the experience with something to consider and something to apply to their professional life.”

Tom Aldridge, Director at TL Dallas, said: “Katherine’s vision, tenacity and unfaltering determination has helped her reach her own personal goals and deserved achievements.

“In business, a similar approach to hard work and continual self improvement is what sets great companies and leaders apart from good.

“It has been a privilege for our clients to gain a brief insight into the stories and emotion behind her medals.”

Gilson Gray, which in 2014 made history as Scotland’s largest ever full-service legal launch, has continued its trailblazing approach – with its ethos justified by significant increases in profit and by winning numerous awards including New Scottish Company of the Year and Law Firm of the Year twice.

Bucking industry trends of cutbacks and mergers, and having appointed some of Scotlands finest legal talent, the firm represents the forefront of legal sector growth and innovation in Scotland.

Established in 1919 by an enterprising Scotsman, Thomas Lessels Dallas, TL Dallas has grown to become an established independent insurance broker firm employing over 115 insurance specialists. With 10 offices throughout the UK, TL Dallas advises commercial and private clients on credit insurance, business insurance, risk management, personal insurance and financial servi DKG_VISIT_GG_-21DKG_VISIT_GG_-23DKG_VISIT_GG_-24DKG_VISIT_GG_-25DKG_VISIT_GG_-26DKG_VISIT_GG_-28DKG_VISIT_GG_-29DKG_VISIT_GG_-31DKG_VISIT_GG_-34DKG_VISIT_GG_-39DKG_VISIT_GG_-41DKG_VISIT_GG_HPR-7ces.


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