Gilson Gray help raise funds for #StayStrongStu

Stu Ridley is a 25 year old farmer from Northumberland whose life is centered on rugby, farming, family and friends. The youngest of three rugby- playing brothers, he grew up in West Northumberland where he attended Haydon Bridge High School. 

In February 2015, Stu was planning a trip to Thailand with three other Tynedale boys. A few days before he was due to leave, Stu went into Town for a few beers. As the night progressed, he began to feel unwell and left early (which is very unlike him).

After the usual tests in hospital, it was found that he has a brain tumour. The tumour is in a position where doctors are unable to operate.

Stu’s family have now setup an appeal and the aim of this appeal is jointly to raise awareness of Brain Tumours and to empower our communities to help fight such an illness – whilst also providing practical support to Stu.

To read Stu’s story – click here

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