Happy New Tax Year

With the arrival of the new tax year comes the arrival of a new service for clients of Gilson Gray as our Private Client department embarks on the provision of tax compliance services.

We provide a wide variety of tax compliance services which can be tailored to your own specific requirements including the preparation of annual self assessment Tax Returns for individuals, partnerships, Trusts and Estates. This includes guiding you through the complicated rules and legislation that makes up the self-assessment regime.

We will advise you of tax payments falling due and make you aware of any tax planning opportunities that come to light when dealing with your tax affairs. We will also be on hand to deal with H M Revenue enquiries should they arise.

We can prepare self-employment and rental accounts to calculate the profit position and offer bespoke capital gains tax advice both in relation to fulfilling the reporting requirements of your Tax Return and in advising on the available reliefs and tax saving options.

Our tax compliance service is an obvious extension to the tax planning and financial services solutions we already offer to clients and makes sure our clients are best placed to benefit from our expertise in even more areas.


For More Information Contact:
Julie McMahon
Mobile: 07841 920094
Direct Dial: 0141 530 2021
Email: jmcmahon@gilsongray.co.uk


The information and opinions contained in this blog are for information only. They are not intended to constitute advice and should not be relied upon or considered as a replacement for advice. Before acting on any of the information contained in this blog, please seek specific advice from Gilson Gray.


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