Renewable Energy

Every renewable energy project is unique, but all have common elements: effective generating technology, quality construction partners, appropriate land rights, acceptable planning, cost effective grid connection, robust financing, and the right incentives (whether ROCs, FiT, RHI or CfDs) and off-taker arrangements.

We provide clear, pragmatic advice to ensure all these elements are in place. We advise investors, funders, landowners and developers creating and investing in renewable energy schemes of all scales across the UK. We are well connected in the industry and will help you find business partners for any aspect of your project.

We help:

  • developers assemble all the necessary rights in a form that is institutionally acceptable;
  • funders identify bankable projects and take effective security packages;
  • investors acquire and finance viable projects at all stages;
  • landowners to receive a fair share of the benefit of having a renewables project on their land.


Our experience includes:

  • onshore wind;
  • ground-mounted solar PV;
  • roof mounted solar PV;
  • biogas/SNG and CHP;
  • AD and biomass;
  • tidal;
  • waste to energy and pyrolysis.

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For More Information Contact:
Donna Kelly-Gilmour
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