It is always best to get good advice early. When dealing with insolvency, getting good advice early is crucial.  Whether you need advice as a business, a lender, a creditor, a director, or an individual, we have the expertise that you can rely on.

We are experienced in acting for insolvency practitioners in the lead up to and then throughout the period of their appointments in both the commercial and personal insolvency context.

For businesses, we can help with both credit and debt issues.  Cash flow problems can have a devastating effect on any business.  Our Debt Recovery services page has details of how we can help you recover sums owed to you.

However, if you are faced with mounting creditor demands, if your bank is conducting a Business Review, or if you have been served with a winding up petition, we can help you to deal with these problems.  If you get our advice early enough, we may even be able to help you avoid these problems happening at all.

We can assist with a formal insolvency procedures such as;

  • Company Voluntary Arrangement,
  • Receivership,
  • Administration, or
  • Liquidation


We can also help with refinancing or creditor arrangement, which could be better alternatives to a formal insolvency procedure.

For lenders, our expertise allows us to give advice on all of the options available in light of the existing loan documentation.  We can provide reviews of those documents at very competitive rates.

For creditors, including institutional lenders, careful consideration needs to be given to how best to seek to recover secured or unsecured debts in light of the conditions of loan and the documentation that exists.  Making use of a formal insolvency procedure (if that option is available) could lead to you being paid in full while others are left receiving only pence in the pound payments in satisfaction of their debts.

For directors, our expertise allows us to give practical advice on balancing duties associated with trading whilst insolvent, in particular when those issues are being considered in light of the Insolvency Practitioner investigating conduct and transactions in the period leading up to an insolvency.  That could involve allegations of wrongful trading, unfair preferences, or gratuitous alienations, or it may even involve director disqualification proceedings.

We can also help individuals who are facing mounting debt problems and help creditors through the process of making and pursuing claims in a sequestration.  Our expertise allows us to give practical advice on investigations of conduct and transactions in the period leading up to a personal insolvency which could involve allegations of unfair preferences or gratuitous alienations, or it may even involve Bankruptcy Restriction Order proceedings.

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