Family Law

Every situation which requires the assistance of a family lawyer is unique.  At Gilson Gray our experienced family lawyers will provide you with pragmatic, straightforward and practical advice tailored to your individual needs.

We can provide you with advice in the following areas:-

Financial Provision

We appreciate that no-one ever plans on separating from their husband, wife or civil partner and that when they do there can be a lot of anxiety around the financial consequences of that separation. We can offer you specialist advice on how to resolve those issues, and our lawyers have an extremely high success rate in helping clients to do so as amicably as possible.  However, where a negotiated settlement does not prove possible, we are very experienced in litigating in both the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session.

Our lawyers have extensive experience advising on the array of issues that can arise, including:-

  • Interim financial support
  • The import of pre-marital, inherited and gifted assets
  • Business valuations
  • The impact of separation and divorce on your business, including company interests and partnerships
  • Farming cases
  • Pension sharing
  • Cross border issues, whether within the UK, or further afield

Actions of divorce/dissolution of civil partnership

Whether in the rare cases where an action of divorce or dissolution is necessary before the financial matters have been resolved or, more usually, at the end of the case as the final formality in bringing a marriage or civil partnership to an end, we can assist you at any stage with divorce and dissolution proceedings both in the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session.


If you are about to live with or buy a property with your partner, or if you have separated from your partner, there could be legal consequences which you need to be aware of and address.  Our lawyers are able to assist with:-

  • The drafting of an Agreement about you and your partner living together or buying a property together
  • Resolving any disputes that arise after a cohabiting relationship comes to an end

Issues related to your children

We fully appreciate that when you are dealing with your marriage, civil partnership or cohabiting relationship coming to an end, how this impacts on your children will in most cases be the primary concern.  Although many couples are able to resolve these issues directly between them, we understand that in such emotionally difficult situations, sometimes an extra helping hand is needed.  We will provide you with honest advice about how the law applies to the circumstances of your case and work with you to resolve any child related matters sensitively, with the best interests of the children in mind.  This can include:-

  • Who any children should live with and what contact the other parent will have
  • Where the children will go to school
  • Relocating within or outwith the UK with any children

Prenuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

One of our particular areas of expertise is the drafting of an Agreement before or during a marriage or civil partnership which seeks to regulate what will happen in the unlikely event that the marriage or civil partnership comes to an end.  Our lawyers have been involved in negotiating a wide variety of these Agreements.  We fully understand the particular sensitivities involved, and we are highly skilled in concluding such Agreements to give our clients the outcome they desire, while having every regard to the importance of your relationship.

International Aspects of Family Law

In a society where so many of us may live in more than one place during our lifetime, or indeed at any one time, international aspects of family law (including the very different laws which apply in other parts of the UK) are having an increasingly significant impact.  Our lawyers are experts in the field of jurisdiction and can advise on how this effects your circumstances.  Philippa Cunniff and Sally Nash are both enrolled as a solicitor in England as well as Scotland which provides a unique and comprehensive perspective in advising on cases where an English or Welsh element is involved.  Philippa is also one of only seven lawyers in Scotland who is a member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.  Particular areas which can be affected by international aspects include:-

  • Jurisdiction for financial provision following separation
  • Relocation of children abroad
  • The preparation of Prenuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements where the parties might, or are already, living in more than one jurisdiction.


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