Our Values

Our Values

The Company Values are the behavioural compass by which we interact with each other and our clients.  They outline our desired culture and provide a focus on the future.  Our Values include having the courage to be true and passionate about the services and skills that we offer.  It encourages us to leverage collective genius, being real, and being accountable and committed. The Values are supported by a set of behavioural statements which were drawn up by our employees and Partners to give us direction and provide an internal barometer for self-reflection.  They are motivational because they connect with the heart as well as the head.

Be true
To continually strive towards being ‘true’ to the company, colleagues and clients. Loyalty to all three of these parties will be tested at times, it is how you respond to that adversity that we value. Promote and protect our, and your, reputation – stay true to your word and your cause.

Focus on success
Always look to celebrate successes. It is through the creation of a friendly and energetic environment that you will do your best work. Remember, you come to work to make a difference. Everything you do is focused on the job at hand. The client should always be first and foremost in your mind when considering actions and next steps. Being customer centric nurtures trust, which in turn translates to relationships that provide lifelong clients.

Be passionate
Show your passion by delighting clients through the high quality of your work. Clients expect tenacity and the drive to achieve their individual challenges – show them we care. Every day.

Be on the offensive
In our fast paced industry, attack each day and challenge with renewed vigour. Own and deliver your targets and tasks. It is by being proactive that we will achieve our goals and this can only
be done if you are alert, committed, ready and responsible.

People matter
No matter their standing, in work or in life, people matter. Everyone has a view and opinion that needs to be respected, whether you share it or not. We welcome debate and an open forum where everyone is valued. Expect high standards from yourself and colleagues, and always be accountable for your actions. Be positive in your actions, rally against negativity — and remember to have a laugh.

Holistic thinking
Always approach your work with a holistic mindset. Think outside the box of law, or the confines of the transaction. Challenge the conventional. Consider other areas of our expertise and the wider landscape as a matter of course.