Its Dog Eat Dog Out There!

Its Dog Eat Dog Out There!

18 October, 2018 by Gilson Gray in Blog

With agents competing over an ever decreasing , ‘slice of the pie’, there are some fantastic deals to be had.  From free home reports, no up-front fees and zero commission there really is no better time to sell.

“ Happy days ! “,  you say ? I would counter with the old saying, “ There’s no such thing as a free lunch!”

When a seller is considering which agent to use and what the best package is I think it is important to scratch below the surface and ask some key questions which I have listed below:


  • Does your agent give an accurate valuation or are they telling you what you want to hear ?
  • Does your agent offer a personalised service?
  • Does your agent have the ability to suss out serious buyers from ‘the time waster’?
  • Does your agent have the ability to answer difficult questions?
  • Can your agent give you a face-to-face service?
  • Does your agent have an intimate knowledge of the local property market?
  • Does your agent have experience in dealing with all market sectors?
  • Does your agent have an active buyer’s bank of potential buyers?
  • Does your agent give you regular unprompted feedback?
  • Is your agent resourced to carry out complex deals?
  • Is your agent open seven days with offices located in the city centre?
  • Is your agent a member of the ESPC where 83% of all properties are sold in East central Scotland?


As you can see there is more to just sticking your property onto a property portal and hoping for the best.  In the main most agents can do this but do they have the grit and determination to achieve the best possible price, in the shortest period of time for the least amount of stress ?  I think the answer is definitely no.

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