Are you logical or emotional when buying and selling a home?

Are you logical or emotional when buying and selling a home?

21 May, 2018 by Gilson Gray in Blog

Have you ever walked through the door of a property for sale, and just known that it feels right.  How logical is that?  We have often shown viewers round properties and they can tell within minutes whether it is the house for them.  What makes it feel right?

As a purchaser, you will have a list of requirements for your new home, a list of needs and wants.  Some things are not negotiable, maybe for you a garden, or driveway, or one of my favourites, the “two pint” test.  Can you get a pint of milk and a pint of beer in that particular location?  There are other things on your list that may be nice to have, but not necessary.  Added bonuses if you like.  You may have your heart set on a certain location, but something draws you to a property in another town.  We recommend staying open to possibility and when you keep an open mind, you might just find your dream home in the neighbouring village or town.

As a seller, the logical actions to take are to dust and clean, declutter, weed the garden and wash the windows.  Showing the property in the best light, with professional agent photography and a great description are all logical steps in marketing your property for sale.  But what about the emotion?  There are many reasons people sell their home.  It could be a growing family, an exciting time which brings its own emotion.  The stress of hiding the toys or arranging viewings around nap times and the school run.  It could be a reducing family, your fledglings leaving the nest which is another emotional time.  Or maybe you are waving happily at the door!   Of course the saddest times are death and divorce, already wrought with emotion, it’s important to have as much support as possible to help you through these difficult times.

Whether buying or selling a property, talking about money can be an emotive subject.  Logically, you will know your top price and your lowest limit, but whether it’s the house of your dreams, or you feel things are not moving quickly enough, emotions can kick in and budgets are in danger of going out the window!  Negotiating a price acceptable to both parties can be fraught with tension.

To ease the strain of these emotions and to help with tricky conversations, the logical thing to do is engage a local agent who will understand your situation, know the local market and negotiate price on your behalf.  It’s often been said that a cup of tea and a chat makes all the difference.  I have the pleasure of working in North Berwick with a highly experienced team.  Experienced not just in property, but in life generally.  There’s not much we haven’t encountered over the years but we are always ready to be surprised and challenged, especially over a brew!

It’s an exciting market in East Lothian and property is selling quickly but lack of stock is making purchasing competitive.  If you’d like to take the next step on the property ladder whether it’s up or down, buying or selling, contact us now for a free, no obligation valuation appointment, cuppa and general listening ear.

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